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Newlands' Pavilion
Summer Concert Series, 2001
Unit #6, 710 Division Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 6T9
telephone/fax: (613) 546-5114

Kingston artist Bob MacKenzie, along with his band Poem de Terre, is trying to raise about $25,000 for a series of free live music concerts to be held each weekend this summer in support of Kingston's historic Newlands' Pavilion, which has been sadly neglected over the past two decades and has fallen into serious disrepair.

This program will provide Kingston residents with 26 hours of live music in Macdonald Park on Kingston's waterfront at no cost to the listeners. Each of the thirteen concerts will feature two separate performances encompassing a variety of musical styles from solo folk artists to blues and country bands to big band jazz.

It is expected that total expenses to pay the musicians at scale plus hire a sound system and pay administrative costs will be less than $15,000.

By keeping the costs of this concert series reasonable, in addition to providing 13 days of wonderful free entertainment for Kingston families, it should be possible to establish a fund of some $10,000 to $12,000 to be used for restoration and maintenance of the Pavilion as well as to provide seed money to continue this concert series as an annual event to raise funds to maintain this historic building.

About Bob MacKenzie:

  • resident of Kingston since 1991
  • performing and presenting music since 1965, in Kingston since 1993
  • founder and director of the alternative folk group Poem de Terre
  • organizer and participant in many benefit performances
  • in both 1996 and 1997 successfully presented summer-long weekend concert series at the Newlands' Pavilion supported by community donations
  • President, Kingston Musicians' Union

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