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This is the official website for the poetry of Bob MacKenzie.

     A widely published Canadian poet, songwriter and arts journalist, Bob MacKenzie has for more than forty years expressed his art in a multi-media format involving printed, spoken, and sung words; performance; and multi-media visual art involving photography, painting, print making, and collage.
     Drawing upon a tradition of art that originates before historic recollection, Bob considers all of the so-called arts to be part of a greater whole.
     Bob considers that all art, originally used in ritual and religion and to express the news and morés of culture, is simply Story. The choice the artist makes is, at root, in which mode to tell that story.
     Based upon this philosophy, Bob understands the choice to paint, write a novel, play music, make a sculpture, or produce any form of art simply to be a choice of media.
     This unified tradition of the arts is the basis for Bob's multi-media approach, integrating his written and spoken words with various other artistic media.
     Bob's literary, theatre, and music reviews have appeared in academic and literary journals, been published in major newspapers across Canada, been aired on local radio and television stations as well as regional and national CBC Radio, and been published on several sites on the internet.
     Since 1995, Bob has written Sound Bytes, a music review column especially for the Internet, with a focus on music with a traditional or "roots" component, including folk, blues, jazz, and country music.
     In addition to his many print publications, Bob has presented his words with music as a performer and founder of the performance group Poem de Terre, and it is around his poetry and stories that the eclectic spoken and sung folk-rock sound of Poem de Terre has evolved.

Note: during the early years of his career, Bob had published primarily under the name R. D, MacKenzie.

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