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A well-written manuscript is no longer enough. In today's market, the power and effectiveness of your written words must be matched in the design and marketability of your book, including such factors as font-selection, page layout, and cover graphics. I can help.

In the process of publishing your book, there will be some things you do especially well. Why pay someone else to do those things? If you have the time and energy, you may well wish to do these things yourself while delegating the rest. I don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution that may limit your choices but a menu of services from which you can create the custom package that will work best for you. You do the things that you do best and have the time to do and I'll take care of the rest. Throughout the design process, you'll be able to interact with me to make decisions about your book's final look and feel.

SERVICES PROVIDED (all fees in U.S. dollars):

  •   Design and Upload Book Cover - $350
                        graphic search and license extra
                        back cover blurb extra
  •   Design and Upload Book Interior - $350
                        includes font selection and conversion
                        includes formatting of pages
                        graphic search and license extra
                        no charge for inserting images in pages
  •   Proofreading through Comprehensive Copyediting - Rates Vary
                        I'll review your manuscript as needed and provide suggestions to improve both
                        the stylistic and technical elements of your book and to give it added polish and
                        impact. This service includes evaluation of any or all of:
                                                           - Stylistic elements
                                                           - Concept
                                                           - Intended word use
                                                           - Organization
                                                           - Tone
                                                           - Characterization
                                                           - Genre-specific writing conventions
                                                           - Technical elements
                                                           - Grammar
                                                           - Spelling (U.S. or International)
                                                           - Punctuation
                                                           - Consistency
  •   Writing - Rates Vary
                        Writing services can include any additional material required relating to
                          distribution and marketing of your book, including:
                                                           - powerful, effective marketing-based back cover notes
                                                           - an interesting attractive author biography that puts you
                                                              in the best light
                                                           - press releases and publicity materials
  •   LCCN (U.S.) or CIP (Canada) - $75
                        U.S. Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) and Cataloguing in                     Publication
                         (CIP) number: unique identification numbers that libraries use for cataloguing
                        and other book-processing activities
  •   ISBN if required - $75 plus costs
  •   Optional Training - Rates Vary
                        If you like, I can train you to do all these things on your own for the next book
                        you publish, including professional tips and techniques. You may find you
                        enjoy the hands-on experience.

    ABOUT ME: I'll bring to bear almost 45 years' experience as writer, designer, and production supervisor in media, marketing agencies, and print publishing. As a seasoned literary and commercial writer, I'll also bring an understanding of your needs as an author. I'm a published writer of poetry, fiction, arts reviews and commentary, and feature articles; professional editor and publisher; published journalist; and professional marketer in print and broadcast media as well as agencies. I've been marketing on the internet and creating websites and content for more than 14 years. Let me apply the full force of my knowledge and experience to help you make your book be the best, the most powerful and effective it can be. Together, we can do it!

    GET A FREE QUOTE TODAY: Before we begin work, I will provide a confirmed quotation of fees, schedule of payments, and turnaround time for the services you require. There's no obligation. If you would like a quote on your project or if you require any further information, please contact me by e-mail at or by telephone at 1 (613) 329-9942.

    NOTE: If you need a comprehensive proofreading and editing service, click here.

    Here are a few examples of graphic designs I've created for book covers, CD covers, and logos. To see a larger version, just click on the image.



  • photo by Annie MacKenzie

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